2ndGreen in Switzerland relies on Feng-Shui and permaculture. We are a family of four who, in our spare time, manage and build two gardens according to Permaculture aspects. A small garden on approx. 150 m2 on 400 m.ü.M. and a larger project on 3 ha at 850 m above sea level. Our children Manuel 2010 and Julia 2009 help us to explore nature.

After we sacrificed two conventional pimples to the stony slope when planting fruit trees, we found what they were looking for on the internet. The solution is called “PRONG”! We got 2 models from Australia and paid nearly double for the transport / customs / taxes as for the devices themselves. Conclusion: It was worth it – the digging in the stony slope is a lot easier by the hand. It was agreed with Peter Nicol, the inventor of the Prongs, that we are responsible for sales in Switzerland.

Thus, these useful tools are also available in Switzerland at an affordable price. 2ndGreen is our platform to offer products and services.

Meet our team

small but powerfull
    Simone Tejido

    Simone Tejido

    Simone Tejido
    Daniel Tejido

    Daniel Tejido

    Daniel Tejido
The Prong
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