First shipment arrives

The first prongs arrived

It took quite a few steps until the first delivery of the Prongs. From the manufacturer to us in Switzerland, there were many processes for us to learn and several preparations and clarifications. First the negotiation with the manufacturer, second the coordination of the transport and the customs clearance. Lastly, a lot of patience until the boxes arrived at the port of destination. In the evening at 20:30 clock the phone rings, although the delivery of the Prongs was actually announced the next day. The chauffeur was nearby and was ready to deliver. After a briefing, he found our place. Almost the truck would not have fit into our driveway, but with the experience of a truck driver, we finally made it.

Lastwagen mit ProngsAfter half an hour, we “parked” the boxes on our visitor parking and the chauffeur could drive in the deserved after work.

Prongs in KistenThe massive design of the Prongs is reflected in the weight. The current storage location is my underground car park …. for my Fiesta I still have to find a new location. The first quality control is positive and we are happy that we can make digging easier for many gardeners. Thanks to the active support of my neighbor, we finally pushed the boxes with the pallet roll up the driveway and onto my parking lot, to be honest, I imagined the boxes smaller and lighter 🙂 Finally we did it and as a reward my neighbor got a long prong.

Ein Parkplatz voller ProngsNow it’s about organizing and sending so the Prongs make your life easier. We have already written to Gartenbauer and Cevi Shop and hope that we will introduce the Prongs and that you will include them in our assortment. Of course, you can now order in the online shop. Since we have not completed any orders, there could be some delays at one point or another. Also with the shipping we have to gain some experience, so you can use your Prong as fast as possible.

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