The Prong

The Prong: this popular garden tool from Australia is now available in Switzerland


Broken pickaxes have become a thing of the past.

Now the Prong has arrived to conquer every gardener’s heart. The Prong is a must for nature lovers: it is the ideal helper and your powerful companion when digging, removing roots and hidden stones as well as planting shrubs and trees. Thanks to the Prong’s increased leverage, digging becomes child’s play. With the Prong, broken wooden handles and crooked tines are history. This Australian invention is a valuable asset for everyone working in a garden.

The four models available all make digging and prying out soil easy.

Long ProngSon of ProngLady ProngGeneral Prong

After having been thoroughly tested by us, this tool – that is also recommended by other permaculture designers – has become a favourite in our product range.

All models now available in our shop

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Are you still using a pickaxe or have you already discovered how easy life is with the Prong?

The Prong the garden tool from Australia now in Switzerland