Einfacher graben mit dem Prong

Easier dig with the prong. When planting the first trees with pimple and shovel, we broke two handles of pimples. In search of an alternative, we came to “The Prong”. This extremely stable and useful gardening tool has convinced us. After having some challenges in purchasing a prong, we would like to overcome these hurdles. The inventor of the Prong asked me if I would like to take over distribution in Switzerland. After some hesitation and my first extensive tests, I have agreed. Since I am convinced of the quality of the device, I have started the webshop to spread this gardening equipment with us. Future garden tools that we include in the range, are extensively tested. For the time being, our garden tools are only available via the online shop. However, we are looking for interested resellers who are convinced of our selected products. The goal is to make these garden tools accessible to a broad target audience. As we build our garden according to permakulturellen approaches, as well as other garden tools that are used in the permaculture will gradually integrate into the shop. We wish you all a green thumb and a lot of fun in the garden and in nature. Our garden tools should be stable and durable, and thus bring joy over years and promote sustainability.

Are you still pecking or are you Pronging already?

Also in the social media we will report over and over again about our events and tests. The easiest way to make your own picture 😉

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