2ndGreen and Permaculture

2ndGreen, how did we get that name …. One morning a colleague arrives and announces “I have the perfect company name”

— 2ndGreen —

After investigating something, we came to the following.

1stGreen Revolution (green revolution)

The Green Revolution dates back to the 1960s. This is where the development of modern agricultural high-yielding varieties and their successful spread in developing countries has begun.

The term was coined by the then managing director of USAID, William Gaud. He referred to the record yields achieved in Turkey, Pakistan, India and the Philippines at that time with new cultivation methods.

In this perspective, hunger appeared as a result of technical deficits and the Green Revolution an instrument for preventing violent revolutions. Source:

2ndGreen Revolution (second green revolution)

Now it’s time to start the second green revolution, so we decided to start with us.

Various approaches can achieve this. A warehouse relies on genetic engineering and improved chemistry.

We proactively tackle the problem with solutions because we believe in sustainable permaculture.

Regardless of whether on large or small areas. We build a sustainable system with nature. Striving through the techniques of permaculture is an indefinite system. We are building soil.

Diversification in cultivation will spread the risk of crop failure. Diversity instead of simplicity. Permaculture combines various processes into cycles. Thus, the individual systems feed each other.

These systems will be coordinated to work sustainably, build genetic diversity and promote biodiversity.

The 2ndGreen GmbH has the vision to offer offers that support a sustainable life. After we had some challenges with the purchase of Prongs ™ and were asked if we would like to distribute them with us, we have decided without further ado.

Hereby we would like to take these hurdles to other like-minded people and enable them to get special tools from us. The 2ndGreen shop is intended to provide a platform for tools and products that enable the sustainable management of green spaces and gardens.

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