Son of Prong


Son of Prong sending to Europe

Son of Prong sending to CH & LI

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Son of Prong

The Son of Prong is a strong reliable general purpose digging tool with a generously wide D handle for plenty of grip and stability. It allows you to put your foot on the heel and get good balance. Ideal for removing all manner of hidden debris. They are also wonderful for breaking up hard soils where forks simply fall over and for digging out rocks and roots. If the soil is really hard then soak it with a little water at the point where you wish to start. This allows for the “first penetration”. Once the tine is down then you can lever upward and the soil in its path should come up. This gives you what I call the beginning bit. Again take your time and be careful. All Prongs have similar attributes. They are great for separating clumping plants like Clivias, ornamental grasses and of course our much loved “Aggies”.

Son of Prong sending to Europe

Son of Prong sending to CH & LI

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Gewicht 4.9 kg
Größe 108 × 22 × 17 cm
Son of Prong

4.1 Kg 102.6 cm D Griff V Fussraster Blau Pulverbeschichtet


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