General Prong


General Prong sending to Europe

General Prong CHF sending to CH & LI

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Based on the Lady Prong in every way General Prong uses all the attributes of the Lady Prong. It is light and great for people of all ages to get into those tough places that present in the everyday garden. With a wide generous handle with good length for those who are not tall. Used for general tilling of soil and the removal of small stumps or breaking up of clumps of grasses or other clumping plants. The General Prong is a good all round garden tool.


General Prong sending to Europe

General Prong sending to CH & LI

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Gewicht 3 kg
Größe 87 × 10 × 10 cm
General Prong

Länge 86.6 2.9 KG D Handgriff V Fussraster Weiss Pulverbeschichtet


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