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Prongs for Europe

The Prong now in Switzerland

The Prong: this popular garden tool from Australia is now available in Switzerland The PRONG Broken pickaxes have become a thing of the past. Now the Prong has arrived to conquer every gardener’s heart. The Prong is a must for nature lovers: it is the ideal helper and your powerful companion when digging, removing roots […]


First shipment arrives

The first prongs arrived It took quite a few steps until the first delivery of the Prongs. From the manufacturer to us in Switzerland, there were many processes for us to learn and several preparations and clarifications. First the negotiation with the manufacturer, second the coordination of the transport and the customs clearance. Lastly, a […]


Einfacher graben mit dem Prong

Easier dig with the prong. When planting the first trees with pimple and shovel, we broke two handles of pimples. In search of an alternative, we came to “The Prong”. This extremely stable and useful gardening tool has convinced us. After having some challenges in purchasing a prong, we would like to overcome these hurdles. […]

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