Fruit tree grafting

Fruit tree refinement of apples, pears, quinces and plums.

Autumn 2018

After intensive study of fruit tree processing and variety study, we learned a lot about growth of apples and pears in addition to growth form. We did not want to stop our enthusiasm. That’s why we ordered different fruit tree documents from two nurseries in Germany. Here are the links to the nurseries Ritthaler and Eggert Finally, Mika’s Garden Youtube channel was a very good start for us.

We have chosen the grafts, so that they survive the winter well.

Eingeschlagene Unterlagen für die Obstbaumveredelung

January 2019

At a well-known retired farmer, we were allowed to taste a number of apple varieties and immediately win even precious Edelreiser of various old apple varieties. In addition to taste, storability is also an important aspect for us. The Edelreiser we have wrapped in wet newsprint and stored in plastic bags in a box in the greenhouse. The newspapers have an antibacterial effect and keep the precious rice moist.

Obstbaumveredelunges Edelreiser bereit für den Winterschalf

March 2019

Fruit tree refinement of apples “in action”. At the end of March we finished the documents and planted them in our garden. The whole thing is easier, of course, if the weather is right.

Obstbaumveredelungs Arbeitsplatz     Pflanzung der Obstbaumveredelungen  


April 2019

First shoots on the grafted fruit trees show us that we did some things right.

Obstbaumverdelung erste Triebe im April   Es treibt im Mai die Obstbaumveredelungen sind grösstenteils angewachsen

June 2019

Now most of them have grown and we hope the fruit trees will develop well until 2020. Finally, in the spring, it will show how many we can potted or plant out. Of course, we also have some precious rice that has not grown. At quince, for example, we did not succeed at all.

Die Obstbaumveredelungen sind zwischen 10cm und 70cm gewachsen


There seems to be a lot of interest and we already have some reservations. Of course we will offer you some copies from 2020 in the shop. We hope that most will come through winter.

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