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Four ways the U.S. military can adopt clean energy for national security


The following comes from 2nd Green Revolution supporter Stephanie Kline, a Clean Energy Program Associate and Marine Corps veteran at Envrionmental Defense Fund (EDF) working to expand EDF’s engagement with domestic military installations.

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Reading Beer Part 1: Drinking Deep

PorterNow that the Arctic Vortex has (hopefully) permanently left the Mid-Atlantic Region, Revolutionary Spirits is returning from its self-imposed hibernation. (Also, my new pup, the aptly named Porter (right), now requires significantly less attention than he once did.)   During the break, I received a few requests from readers inquiring about how to best explore beer aside from reading the column.  The oft repeated sommelier’s mantra – trial and error – is not wrong, but there are a number of great books on the subject that could assist people without requiring them to try every new tap or six pack.  Below is a non-exhaustive short list of some of the widely available volumes that I have enjoyed, and might assist you in further discovering the world of beer.  To quote Alexander Pope, ”A little learning is a dang’rous thing;/Drink deep, or taste not the Pierian spring.”  Here’s to drinking deep in more ways than one.  Cheers!

Green Jobs, Today’s Youth and The Future

images-1An interesting article in the Huffington Post on getting today’s youth more engaged in the climate change movement as it is truly their future that is at stake.  If the future will be driven by  the green economy then our youth should be making the technical advancements.  Read more here.


Source:  Huffington Post

Source of Image: unep.org

How Big is the “Green-Collar” Workforce?


“Over 3 million Americans are employed in the growing green-collar workforce, which is more than the number of people working in the fossil fuel industry.”

This quote is from  Tammy  Baldwin the U.S.  Senator from Wisconsin.

But what exactly counts as a green job and is the statement true?

Daniel Kish from the Institute for Energy Research took a stab at validating this claim in a recent article in the Journal Sentinel PolitiFactWisconsin.   The short answer is “yes” but click here for the article and support for his answer.


Source:  Journal Sentinel PolitiFactWisconsin

Picture Source: Green Manolo



So What Are The Best Paying Green Jobs?

007_1322672Ever wonder what the highest paying green jobs are?  A BusinessWeek article ranked the top paying green jobs and included a short job description and the typical qualifications required for each position.   The top  five were:

1. Environmental Engineering Manager

2. Sustainability Director

3. Project Manager, Construction – LEED

4. Program Manager, Environmental Consulting

5. HVAC Mechanical Engineer – LEED

For more information on the rest of the list and to see what the salaries are for these jobs click here.

Source: BusinessWeek

Picture Source: BusinessWeek


Green Jobs with a Bright, Bright Future

untitledThe Huffington Post recently ran an article titled “Best Green Jobs”.  Obviously this is very subjective but still interesting.  The “winners” were; hydrologist, ecotourism, bicycle technician, organic and urban farming.  Actually looks more like two specific jobs; hydrologist and bike technician and two general fields; ecotourism and farming.   The article describes what the job entails, why the job or field has growth potential and what average salary one could expect.  Click on this link “Best Green Jobs” for the details.

Source: Huffington Post

Picture Source: DBL Investors

Watching the Sun Rise in Beijing…on a Projector Screen?!

“The Sun Also Rises” is the title of one of author Ernest Hemingway’s most famous (and one of my favorite) books. And like the title suggests, most of us wake up in the morning expecting to see the sun rise.

In most places around the world, the sun does just that every every day. There are places, of course, north of the Arctic Circle or south of Antarctica, during periods of the year, when sunrise is brief, faint or nearly non-existent; however for most of the inhabited world, like the title of the Hemingway novel, the sun rises each morning.

But, what if you woke up one morning, in your town or city, expecting the sun to rise and it wasn’t there?

Recently in Beijing, China, this ominous thought has been a reality due to a veil of pollution from carbon emissions in the atmosphere. Instead of citizens of Beijing seeing the sun rise in the sky, sunrises have been projected virtually on LED screens like the one pictured here, in Tiananmen Square, the large city square in the center of Beijing. And projected on those screens were also the words, “Protecting atmospheric environment is everyone’s responsibility.”

James Nye of the UK’s DailyMail recently reported this story. “It is no surprise that serious air pollution plagues most major Chinese cities, where environmental protection has been long sacrificed for the sake of economic development. And coal burning and car emissions are major sources of pollution,” he wrote. Yet, at the same time, he reported on all that China is doing to reduce its emissions.  “…China is aware of this and doing more to increase its regulations and financial commitment to fight pollution.”

It was reported that even in winter when the city’s air quality is poor due to increase in coal burning and other pollution and worsened by stagnant weather patterns of winter pollution, the readings were well above 500 ppm. In recent weeks, the level and density of pollution reached as high as 671 parts per million (ppm) at a monitoring post at the U.S. Embassy in Beijing on January 24, 2014. That was well above the level that the World Health Organization reports as safe and was the highest reading since January 2013. To put some perspective on how high that is, the International Panel for Climate Change recommends a safe limit of only 350 ppm.

There are two important lessons from this story. First,

Are you a new grad looking for a green job? These are the cities you should head for;


  1. San Francisco
  2. Denver
  3. New York City
  4. Portland
  5. LA
  6. Sacramento

Maine Beer Co. – Doing What’s Right


In 1986, the D.L. Geary Brewing Company in Portland, Maine became, for all intents and purposes, New England’s first microbrewery, and one of the first microbreweries east of the Mississippi River.  Since then Maine has become a hotbed of craft beer, and “Down East” craft breweries are quickly becoming some of the most respected in the country.  Not bad for a state that was one of the first to approve temperance laws in America.  One craft brewery in particular is making a name for itself in high-end beer geek circles: Maine Beer Co. (MBC), a small 5,000 barrel brewery that has been cooking up some of  New England’s hoppiest beers since 2009.  Although ambitious, from its beginnings, MBC has embraced its conscious, seeking to “do what’s right,” and has instituted a number of sustainable initiatives, including signing up for wind energy credits to offset its energy usage, and becoming one of a handful of breweries that has joined One Percent For the Planet, assuring that 1% of its gross sales go to select environmental non-profits.

The top nine reasons why 2014 may be the year of the green job.

imagesCAFHL4VNRecently I read an interesting article on Grist titled  “How to land a green job in 2014” by Kevin Doyle.  The article provides nine reasons why 2014 may be a good year for green jobs.  Below are the highlights from the article which I highly recommend that all green job searchers read.  In addition, readers may want to peruse an article published last year on this site about finding green jobs as well.   Below are the top nine reasons 2014 could be a good year for you to find a green job.

1. Compliance with rules and regulations is still a strong eco-job driver.

2. Eco-job growth often follows overall economic growth.

3. Climate resilience work is increasing. Disaster response, too.

4. “Sustainability” will often be assignments for employees, not new jobs.

5. The long awaited wave of eco-retirements may be arriving.

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